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Frequently Asked Questions About The Campaign

1. Is there a cost to join and become a member?

There is no cost to join at this time.

2. What are the requirements as a member?

We actually say these are recommendations. As a member, we kindly ask that you to do the following:
  1. Share the campaign link as often as possible. (Once a week on social media at a minimum)
  2. Attend LIVE & Virtual events for personal and professional development: We encourage you to attend events that we host via computer, telephone or in person. Details are shared gradually in a support group about the dates for these events.

3. Are there ways to upgrade from being a member to a next level leader?

Absolutely! Ask one of the torchbearers for information about upgrading from a member to becoming an ambassador, representing your state of country at assisting women to get connected to the campaign and become a women of influence who disperses solutions that they need.

4. What are the benefits of being a member?

(1.) Gain access to weekly women's life mentorship sessions that currently occur on Monday's at 8p.m. EST.

(2.) Share your business with campaign members during weekly live streams by the senior members.

(3.) Discover when leadership and business virtual trainings will be held in advance. In most cases, these trainings will occur in conjunction with the mentorship sessions on Mondays until otherswise specified that a separate date is needed.

And so much more!!!